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Avocor Expands Operations Into North America

Avocor, a manufacturer of interactive touch screens, has established a North American operation.

Avocor, a manufacturer of interactive touch screens, has established a North American operation.

Heading up the operation will be Scott Hix, president and CEO of Avocor Americas and board member of Avocor Global. Hix has a long-established history in the AV industry in executive roles at InFocus, Planar, and Chilin Solutions. Leading a team of AV industry veterans, Hix will be responsible for running the U.S. operations while launching the brand and product into the market.

Hix will be joining Nigel Steljes, founder and managing director of Avocor, who launched Avocor into the U.K. market on June 1 and recently announced expansion into Europe. Hix and Steljes have a longstanding relationship, starting more than 25 years ago when Steljes first launched display technology into the U.K. market.

Avocor’s portfolio of products includes a complete range of large-format interactive touchscreens designed to enhance collaboration in the corporate, government, and education markets. 

Scott Hix, president and CEO, AvocorRanging from 65 to 84 inches, the series has a unique feature set including an onboard PC enabled with a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system powered by a built-in Quad-core Intel processor. The Windows operating system enables users to access, manage, and create content directly through the familiar Microsoft user interface that is instantly recognizable. In addition, users can browse the internet and gain access to thousands of apps available through the Windows store straight from the panel. The panels feature UHD/4K resolution and InGlass touchscreen technology, which replicates the responsive, smooth, and accurate performance of a tablet on a large-format display. The panels are also OPS compliant, featuring a built-in slot located on the back of the touchscreen.

“The Avocor range of interactive panels has proven itself in the U.K. and across Europe, and I’m delighted to be heading up its introduction into the U.S.,” said Hix. “There is a definite gap in the market for panels with such unique features that contribute to enhancing collaboration and engagement, while remaining cost-effective and easy to use.”

Located in Wilsonville, OR, the company will operate through a network of specialist AV resellers and distributors.