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Azione Unlimited Announces 2018 Adoption and Growth Contest Winners

Twenty-four winners spent five days and four nights on an all-expenses-paid escape in Aruba.

Azione Unlimited has revealed the winners of its 2018 Brand Adoption and Growth Contest, “Escape to Aruba.” With highly targeted goals and a contest structure that rewarded business growth, adoption of new lines, and renewed relationships with former vendors, the 2018 Adoption and Growth Contest inspired members to reach outside their comfort zones. At the same time, it offered the support of the group and opportunities for learning and mentorship, which studies show is a critical element to success when people try new things.

Winners “adopted” more than just new lines or new dealers during the contest. In their pursuit of the highest growth by dollars and by percentage, as well as more tickets — which gave participants entries into the random drawing portion of the contest — members adopted a growth mindset. Brainstorming new business strategies and tactics, dealers and vendors looked for even more creative ways to approach their businesses in 2019.

The contest experienced record-breaking and unprecedented participation, with 96 percent of all eligible dealers earning tickets in at least one of three categories:

  • 67 percent of dealers met vendors’ growth requirements
  • 27 percent of dealers met vendors’ new dealer requirements
  • 6 percent of dealers met vendors “re-engaged dealer” requirements

These dealers all received tickets, which were then used as chances to win the random drawing.

In addition, three Azione dealers and three Azione vendors won in categories that exemplified business growth in different ways, notably, percentage growth, dollar-value growth, and line growth.

Azione President Richard Glikes announced the winners of the 2018 contest during a Facebook Live session and the group then traveled to Aruba where 24 winners spent five days and four nights on an all-expenses-paid escape. There, attendees enjoyed the sunshine, sparkling sand, azure seas, and the companionship of other hard-working Azione members.

The winners are as follows:

  • Most $ Growth w/ AU Vendors: Advanced Home Theater
  • Most % Growth w/ AU Vendors: House Systems
  • Most Lines up 25% w/ AU Vendors: Definitive Electronics
  • Random Dealer Drawing: Echo Workshop, Connect Consulting, JD Audio and Video Design
  • Most $ Growth w/ AU Dealers: Sony
  • Most % Growth w/ AU Dealers: Future Ready Solutions
  • Most Dealers w/ 25% Growth: IC Realtime
  • Most Dealers Added: SurgeX
  • Random Vendor Drawing: Dana Innovations

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