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Cambridge Partners with Ready To Play

Cambridge and Ready To Play have created a new program letting customers drop off their audio CDs at a Cambridge SoundWorks store and have them digitized and loaded onto an MP3 player.

Andover, MA–A CD to MP3 service is now available due to a partnership between Ready To Play, the company specializing in the conversion of audio CDs to digital format and loading MP3 players and Cambridge SoundWorks.

The service is available to customers at any Cambridge SoundWorks’ retail location in New England and the San Francisco Bay area, and nationally via With the new program, customers can now walk into any Cambridge SoundWorks’ retail location, drop off their audio CDs and have them digitized and loaded onto an MP3 player.

“With the introduction of fantastic, high capacity portable audio players, like Creative’s Zen Touch, consumers can walk around with their entire music collection in the palm of their hand,” said Rob Mainiero, Vice President of Cambridge SoundWorks. “Our partnership with Ready To Play makes the process of converting and loading your entire CD collection onto MP3 players quick and easy. We want our customers to walk out of our door and just enjoy their music.”

Customers can bring their CD collection to any Cambridge SoundWorks’ retail location. CDs will be shipped to Ready To Play, who has a team of specialists who professionally and quickly convert music collections to digital formats. Customers can choose to have their digitized music loaded directly onto an MP3 player or onto a DVD. The price of the service is $1.10 per CD. Cambridge SoundWorks will have demonstration systems available in each store. It will also offer several bundling programs with Creative MP3 players and Cambridge SoundWorks’ high-performance speakers.

“People love their music, yet many lack the time or technical ability to digitize a whole CD collection. Ready To Play has the technology and expertise to affordably convert and organize a customer’s CD music onto their MP3 player in a quality digital format,” said Jeff Tedesco, president and CEO of Ready To Play. “What could be more fun than taking your new MP3 player home and having your whole library of music available and organized the minute you take it out of the box? The[M1] experience is all about the music and, together with Cambridge SoundWorks, we make your music “ready to play” in the digital world.”