Capitol Adds Ring to Roster of Security Options

Security Video Doorbells, Cams, Chimes, Cloud Storage
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A Ring security doorbell, now offered by Capitol

Capitol recently added Ring video doorbells, chimes, stickup cams, and cloud video recording to its growing selection of security products.

“The move from security being a primarily reactive idea to one that focuses on crime prevention has led to a slew of products and apps that simplify the process,” said Curt Hayes, president and CFO of Capitol. “Ring is one of the most exciting companies in this space, having been born into the IP age, and their selection is a prime example of how the growth in networking is having a positive effect on any number of niche categories, security included.”

Ring security products are designed for straightforward installation, whether handled by a DIY homeowner or a custom installation professional. Each doorbell is equipped with an HD camera with night vision and smart motion detection, and can be monitored through an app that is available for both iOS and Android. Similarly, Ring’s Stickup Cam is designed for year-round use, with a wire-free, weather-resistant design that can be mounted anywhere.