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Capitol to Carry NEAR Outdoor Speakers

Capitol will now carry NEAR loudspeakers, designed for outdoor all-weather installations, making them a popular choice among residential and commercial specialists alike.

Capitol, a consumer electronics distribution source for residential systems specialists, retailers, pro AV contractors, and premium incentive resellers, will now carry NEAR loudspeakers. NEAR products are designed for outdoor all-weather installations that require both unmatched durability and the highest in audio fidelity, making them a popular choice among residential and commercial specialists alike.

 NEAR speakers

“NEAR is one of the most respected speaker brands on both sides of the fence,” said Capitol president and CFO Curt Hayes. “Residential specialists know that NEAR offers unbeatable performance around the perimeter of a home while our customers appreciate how NEAR speakers feature crystal clear reproduction of voices and music in even the most challenging outdoor environments.”

“Capitol fits perfectly with our go-to market plan,” said NEAR division general manager Bill Kieltyka. “Recognizing the unique needs of systems integrators, large and small, is a philosophy shared by both Capitol and NEAR. Now, we can provide access to our products through a respected, professional provider who also can extend our commitment to the specialty dealer/installer.”

The original NEAR-patented MLS (Magnetic Liquid Suspension) voice-coil guidance system is incorporated into each model, in addition to NEAR-designed metal-alloy diaphragms for ultimate durability in extreme weather conditions, including intense heat, cold, precipitation and dryness. That premium performance, along with mountable and in-ground designs that are easy to install, make NEAR an ideal choice for contractors in any season.