Cary Audio Launches CaryDirect

Direct-to-Consumer Webstore Supports US Market
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Cary Audio is launching CaryDirect , a consumer webstore, in conjunction with a new dealer program that assimilates dealers into the direct-to-consumer model.

CaryDirect is an e-commerce webstore makes Cary Audio’s catalog available to consumers. CaryDirect will offer free shipping and a 30-day return guarantee allowing customers to evaluate Cary Audio products in their homes, free from buyer’s remorse.

CaryDirect will also be open to Cary Audio’s dealer base. Dealers will now be called Cary Retail Reps or Cary Brokers. Cary Retail Reps are incentivized to product demonstrations on display for sales and promotional purposes within their local markets. The goal is to reach a much larger base of consumers, as well as new Cary Retail Reps and Cary Brokers that can profit from the “hybrid model”.

CaryDirect is only available in the U.S. and countries where there is no Cary Audio representation. Customers in countries where there is current distribution will be directed to the appropriate contact person for that country.