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CAT Partners with Display Development Inc.

California Audio Technology Inc. (Booth 1209) has joined forces with Display Development Inc. to create a new CAT MBX line of custom video projectors.

Having partnered with Sam Runco to bring the first MBX projector (retail $250,000) to market in 2002, CAT MBX is now offering these DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative), Display Development, CAT MBX projectors (priced from $128,000 ea. to $380,000 ea.) for the first time at CEDIA EXPO.

The CAT MBX projectors can be tailored for use in any home or electronic cinema environment. Their light output is suitable for ultra large screens (in excess of 500 inches wide), while their versatility and variable light output control system provides the opportunity, for the first time, to use a projector of this caliber with modest screens as small as 72 inches wide. In addition, CAT MBX is offering full 12-bit video processing for converting broadcast, satellite, and cable signals for use on the big screen.

Each of these 3D-capable CAT MBX digital film projector masterpieces can be teamed with up to six (same model) CAT MBX digital film projectors to produce ultra high resolution. These realistic, six projector CAT MBX video experiences range in price from $768,000 to $2,280,000. In addition to DCI projectors, the new CAT MBX projector line includes 35mm and 70mm film options.

Every CAT MBX projector (and multiple CAT MBX projector experiences) will be custom built to order by Display Development. “We take the most popular DCI projectors that are reliably performing in thousands of digital theaters around the world, and significantly improve upon them to create the look of natural analog film and the reality of HDTV,” Display Development president, Jim Burns, says.

In 2001, CAT founded CAT MBX to ensure that every aspect of the audio video system (including system design, engineering, audio-video components, protocols, installation, calibration, and service) exceeded the performance, reliability, value, and ease of use of top recording/mix/mastering studios in all audio and video applications. The CAT MBX projector line will be available exclusively through CAT MBX dealers. The existing CAT MBX representatives are being offered first option to represent CAT MBX video projectors. In the event a representative firm is unable to represent CAT MBX video, separate representation will be appointed.

For more information, contact Lou Sall, Bob Grubbs, or Andrew Ard at 888-HEARCAT (888.432.7228).