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Daisy Adds Integrator Partners in California and Florida

National franchise model increases and streamlines opportunities in the smart home and technology servicing industry.

Daisy Logo

Daisy, a national smart space installation and services company, has announced a new franchise, located in Sarasota, Fla. This follows the recent acquisition of cyberManor in Los Gatos, Cal., a 25-year-old custom home technology company known for pioneering the smart home technology industry.

With more partners soon to be announced, Daisy is quickly becoming a top 10 industry player in its first few months. As the first to build a national franchise model to increase and streamline opportunities in the smart home and technology servicing industry, Daisy is actively addressing daily challenges experienced by many integrators today. With its branch support centers supported by industry thought leaders, Daisy plans to improve customer experience with home technology through innovative offerings and ongoing services, combined with the deep experience of Daisy’s legacy integrator partners.

“We’re pleased to welcome our new teams in Sarasota and Los Gatos who are known in the industry for their impeccable service and are eager to leverage Daisy to fuel their growth,” says Hagan Kappler, founder and CEO of Daisy. “Our industry-first franchise support centers are designed to make a difference in the lives of our partners, their teams, and their customers.”

Building upon their years of experience in the industry, franchise partners can soon offer their existing and future customers the convenience of 24/7/365 call support for personal care. The branch support centers provide resources for franchisee integrators in several areas, including technician and product training, talent recruiting and retention, sales, business coaching, financial advice, and other value-enhancing services, including acquisition support and building generational wealth.

“The smart home integration market continues to evolve. To succeed and stand out as integrators we need to provide our clients with personalized, ongoing, and real-time support,” says Gordon van Zuiden, new Daisy branch owner. “We are thrilled to provide our customers access to Daisy support. By combining Daisy’s brand and service center with our skilled team of integrators, we will take our customer servicing and satisfaction to new heights.”

These integrators will begin operating under the Daisy name later this year. To learn more about Daisy’s franchising opportunity or apply to be a Daisy franchise, applicants can visit and existing integrators can head to

For more information, visit