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CEDIA Issues Its First Federal Filing

Association explains the importance of professional integration for cybersecurity.

CEDIA has issued its first federal filing in support of integrator involvement and expertise in matters of cybersecurity in home environments.

CEDIA Legislative Day

From August to November 2023, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) opened a call for comments on its proposed U.S. Cyber Trust Mark program. The designation indicates that devices must meet certain security requirements, akin to the well-known Energy Star for energy consumption.

While expressing support for the concept of the Cyber Trust Mark, CEDIA also emphasized the importance of professional installation by qualified integrators as a necessary means of safeguarding homeowners. The association asserts that integrators are key in the mitigation of security risks because of their extensive knowledge on how to install, maintain, connect, and deploy technology systems in the home.

“This filing puts us on the record with the federal government, advocating for the interests of professional integrators nationwide,” says CEDIA global president and CEO, Daryl Friedman. “It’s a monumental step in ensuring that the unique value we bring to cybersecurity in residential installations is recognized and prioritized. I’m grateful to the Government Affairs committee for their efforts in navigating this crucial advocacy initiative.”

The association has made significant expansions in its advocacy efforts over the past year. In October, CEDIA engaged in its first in-person lobbying effort in Michigan and plans to expand the program to other parts of the country. CEDIA has also opened 2024 applications to its State Captains program that rallies integrators from each state to act as local leaders on relevant issues impacting the industry.

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