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Chowmain Develops Driver for URC, VSSL Matrixed Amps

VSSL has Embedded Streaming Built into Each Zone of its Amplifiers That Allows for Independent Streams of Google Cast, Apple Airplay, and Spotify Connect

Chowmain, the module/driver developer for home control and automation systems, has released a free two-way VSSL A.6 module for URC Total Control 2.0. The development was sponsored by VSSL and has been certified by URC.

VSSL produces matrixed amplifiers with embedded streaming technologies built into each zone of that allow for independent streams of Google Cast, Apple Airplay, and Spotify Connect.

What this means is that each room can now listen to its own music streamed from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, or even initiated by Google Home.

On top of streaming, the amplifier also provides matrixed analog inputs that can be connected to various sources for distribution around the home and bus line outputs which can be connected to other amplifiers/receivers.

“VSSL offers a unique solution to streaming audio using Airplay/Google Cast/Spotify Connect technology that is already widely accepted and adopted by consumers,” said Dan Allen of VSSL. “VSSL combined with Total Control 2.0 will provide consumers with a simple to use premium user experience like nothing else on the market.”

The two-way module allows for control/feedback over input switching, discrete volume, mute, play, pause, stop, tracking remote streaming events, and updating “now playing” details.

To download the FREE VSSL module please visit the Chowmain website.