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Christian Brothers Interiors (CBI) Adds ELAN Display to Design Center

CBI design center showcases latest smart home technology and services backed by the Nortek Control team’s full marketing, sales and technical support.

Nortek Control and Christian Brothers Interiors (CBI) have partnered through the ELAN New Home Program to offer smart home products and services to homebuyers in the San Diego area. Giving builders a competitive advantage in selling personalized new homes that include the smart home features buyers are now demanding, the CBI design center showcases the comprehensive range of customizable technology solutions available from ELAN control systems. Also, through the program, CBI is backed by full marketing, sales, and technical support from the Nortek Control builder services team.

Nortek – ELAN – CBI Showroom

Design centers are just beginning to incorporate technology as builders have learned it is an attractive option to offer new home buyers. By adding an ELAN interactive display that presents technology from a lifestyle perspective, CBI demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to increasing overall home values, meeting homeowners’ growing expectations, and helping builders sell more homes faster.

“We couldn’t be happier with the support we receive from the Nortek Control builders services team,” says Tiffany George, president of builder services and design centers at CBI. “The service we receive continually validates the reasons we selected the award-winning ELAN devices’ single-app solution that delivers the best user experience. Displaying ELAN smart home products has become a valuable asset our designers regularly use when working with homebuyers to demystify technology. Having this working display in our design center really showcases the features and capabilities ELAN solutions offer, making it a much easier process for homebuyers to select the smart home technologies that best suit their everyday lives.”

“We are thrilled that CBI took ownership of the smart home category in letting homebuyers directly experience how technology can enhance their lifestyle by interacting with an ELAN system in the design center before purchasing,” says Bret Jacob, director of builder services at Nortek Control. “Today, incorporating technology should be just as much a standard feature for builders as the kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures. Our builder services team works closely with builders and integration partners to create a unique set of technology option packages best suited to their potential homebuyers.”

Nortek – ELAN – CBI - Demo Wall

Nortek Control launched the ELAN New Home Program to fully support home builders with integrating scalable smart home control and automation solutions. With more than 150 builder partners, this program support includes design center displays, sales training, consulting services, builder-branded marketing collateral, as well as compelling lifestyle packages that can be personalized to meet the needs of individual buyers.

Highlighting how builders can leverage similar new home personalization and value benefits from a smart home technology display is the subject of a recently published CBI and ELAN New Home Program case study. The case study outlines the many profitable advantages builders can also realize when they give prospective homeowners the opportunity to see firsthand how connected smart home technology can enhance their life when buying a new home.

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