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Control4 Responds to Google’s Ending of “Works with Nest” Program

Customers’ Nest devices will be supported under new google program with new Control4 drivers.

Control4 Corporation is advising customers that the company will embrace “Works with Google Assistant” and is developing new Nest drivers in cooperation with Google’s Certification standards.

As announced at the Google IO developer conference, Google will shut down the “Works With Nest” program on August 31, 2019. This program will be replaced by the new “Works with Google Assistant” program. The change will require updates to all Control4 Systems that currently include Nest devices, including Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. Customers can learn more about these changes on the Nest website.

Customers don’t need to do anything at this time, however, beginning June 25, 2019, new Nest devices cannot be added to Control4 projects using the current drivers developed with “Works with Nest.” On August 31, 2019 all “Works with Nest” integrations will shut down.

Control4 is currently working on a new Nest driver through the “Works with Google Assistant” program with the intention to make it available before the shutdown of the “Works with Nest,” however this is dependent on receiving Google certification. Control4 is advising users to wait to make any changes to their “Works with Nest” or Google accounts until after the new driver has been installed. Users can contact their Control4 Dealer for assistance with the installation of the new driver when it becomes available.

Control4 will announce details as soon as they are available.

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