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Core Brands, Ihiji Increase Panamax, Invision Integration

Ihiji and Core Brands have added new, deeper Panamax integrations within the Ihiji Invision remote network monitoring and management platform.

Ihiji and Core Brands have added new, deeper Panamax integrations within the Ihiji Invision remote network monitoring and management platform.

These integrations aim to provide technology professionals the ability to monitor and manage all Panamax IP-based power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) from within Ihiji Invision, while enabling faster implementation of any new Panamax products on the Invision platform. The two long-time technology partners have worked together to leverage the new communication protocol developed by Core Brands.

Panamax has also joined the Ihiji Vendor Insights Program (VIP), and as a result, will gain better insights about the performance of its installed hardware. Additionally, dealers who select products made by Ihiji VIP members gain more in-depth network monitoring feedback and have even greater control of connected smart-home devices. 

This enhanced Ihiji and Panamax announcement comes at a time when technology professionals are actively seeking to specify and install products equipped with remote monitoring capabilities. The partnership, VIP membership, and deeper product integrations all serve to provide Panamax and Ihiji dealers with enhanced product support and education in the form of documentation, training, and sales materials.

Newly supported Panamax models within Ihiji Invision include the M4000-PRO, SM3-PRO, and VT4315-PRO. These new integrations allow Panamax power outlets and banks to be controlled within the Ihiji Remote Systems Management platform. They also allow for device visibility into information such as individual bank current draw, power unit firmware, serial number, incoming voltage, power status, fault status, and external accessory status.

The recently announced Ihiji Invision Lite service level allows dealers to deploy Ihiji Invision to every customer they service at little to no additional monthly cost. This means a dealer, with an active Ihiji Invision subscription, can provide reboots of every single IP-enabled Panamax power product in the field for free within Invision.

Additionally, through the Ihiji iOS and Android mobile app, dealers can access these capabilities from virtually anywhere in the world. Technicians enjoy the benefits of streamlined workflows, with only one username and password to remember, one platform to learn, and no “app overload” that sometimes results from having to use multiple platforms to manage and service different manufacturers’ products. 

“We like to think of Ihiji Invision as the single pane of glass where technicians can efficiently view and control all of their power and network products remotely so that remote support becomes an easy part of their job” said Stuart Rench, CEO for Ihiji.

“Optimizing network and power stability is critical for improving system uptime, eliminating service calls, and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction,” said John Benz, director of power products for Core Brands, “Together, Panamax and Ihiji create a powerful ecosystem to enable installers incredibly robust remote support capabilities.”