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DISH Airs Women’s World Cup in 4K

Let your customers know they can enjoy the tournament in live 4k.

DISH customers can watch the Women’s World Cup tournament live in 4K. See below for the schedule of remaining upcoming 4K games, airing on DISH channel 540. To take advantage of the 4K picture quality, customers need a Hopper 3 and a 4K television.

Tue 06/11/2019 09:00 AM New Zealand vs Netherlands
Tue 06/11/2019 12:00 PM Chile vs Sweden
Tue 06/11/2019 03:00 PM USA vs Thailand
Wed 06/12/2019 09:00 AM Nigeria vs Korea Republic
Wed 06/12/2019 12:00 PM Germany vs Spain
Wed 06/12/2019 03:00 PM France vs Norway
Thu 06/13/2019 12:00 PM Australia vs Brazil
Thu 06/13/2019 03:00 PM South Africa vs China PR
Fri 06/14/2019 09:00 AM Japan vs Scotland
Fri 06/14/2019 12:00 PM Jamaica vs Italy
Fri 06/14/2019 03:00 PM England vs Argentina
Sat 06/15/2019 09:00 AM Netherlands vs Cameroon
Sat 06/15/2019 02:50 PM Canada vs New Zealand
Sun 06/16/2019 09:00 AM Sweden vs Thailand
Sun 06/16/2019 12:00 PM USA vs Chile
Mon 06/17/2019 12:00 PM South Africa vs Germany
Mon 06/17/2019 03:00 PM Nigeria vs France
Tue 06/18/2019 03:00 PM Italy vs Brazil
Wed 06/19/2019 03:00 PM Japan vs England
Thu 06/20/2019 12:00 PM Netherlands vs Canada
Thu 06/20/2019 03:00 PM Sweden vs USA