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DPL Labs Adds Rankings on Acoustic Research HDMI Cables

Company earns first-ever certification on cable over 10 meters long.

Ormond Beach, FL — DPL Laboratories Inc. (DPL Labs), a technical laboratory conducting performance testing of digital signaling solutions such as HDMI, has released the performance certification rankings for the Acoustic Research brand of HDMI cables. And in a notable first for DPL Labs Digital Performance Level (DPL) Program, ARs longest submitted cable, the 40-foot model PR188, achieved a DPL performance certification ranking, making it the first cable more than 10 meters ever to be certified by DPL.

Acoustic Research (AR) is part of Carmel, Indiana-based Audiovox Accessory Corporation, a division of the Audiovox Corporation. AR joined the DPL Program in April 2008 and these rankings represent their first certifications from DPL Labs.

Acoustic Research submitted products for testing in the programs Class B and Class C testing categories. Class C is DPLs most challenging testing classification and involves a rigorous testing regime that tests at double the bandwidth along with 16-bit Deep Color content.

The DPL testing process submits supplied cables to an intensive, multi-element testing regime that yields results that are then compared and ranked against an objective independent standard yielding a simple numeric ranking between 1 to 5 representing good to best. Dealers and consumers can then use these rankings as a guide to select the best available HDMI product to meet their individual needs.

The laboratory results on the specific Acoustic Research models supplied earned certifications ranging between a 1 or good ranking to a 4 or excellent ranking.

ARs PR188 (also available in a bulk poly bag version as PR188BP) Pro II Series 40-foot HDMI cable is the first cable more than 10 meters long ever to achieve a DPL performance certification, earning a 1 or good ranking in the difficult Class C testing classification. With long cable runs a significant concern among dealers and integrators, this AR model may represent a key solution.

To see the complete list of DPL certified performance rankings for AR HDMI cablesas well as to obtain more details on the DPL program, visit