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Earth Day 2021: Hunter Douglas Eco-Conscious Solutions

The shade company offers sustainable design, energy-conserving styles, and re-usable power solutions.

In honor of Earth Day, Hunter Douglas is highlighting the variety of environmentally conscious styles, fabrics, and power solutions within the company’s product portfolio and PowerView Automation line. The products are designed for homeowners looking to automate their shading while also supporting a greener planet with their smart home.

Hunter Douglas Shades

Recent research has found 57 percent of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative impact to the environment. Automated shading has long been associated with energy savings, as it allows homeowners to capitalize on natural light and regulate the temperature beyond the traditional thermostat. While Hunter Douglas offers automated shading to meet these goals, the company also says it leads the way in sustainable fabric design, AERC certified styles, and reusable power options.

Sustainable Fabrics

Hunter Douglas is known for its variety of fabrics, including the sustainably-sourced GreenScreen Sea-Tex. The fabric is produced from recovered shoreline plastics and is Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze, a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy. Hunter Douglas works with Bionic, a mission-driven material engineering company that has established coastal recycling infrastructure in developing nations that delivers fully traceable textiles from marine and coastal plastic. The Sea-Tex fabrics are exclusive to Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades and are available in five neutral tones, crafted to provide privacy, UV protection, glare control and view-through, all while filtering sunlight.

Hunter Douglas Fabrics
Hunter Douglas GreenScreen Sea-Tex Fabric

Additionally, Hunter Douglas Applause Honeycomb Shades are available in Vintage fabric made from 40 percent recycled content. A blend of pre- and post-consumer polyester, the shades are customizable by size and come in multiple neutral color options to match any home. Also unique to Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades is a double-cell construction, which offers even more insulation for optimal energy savings.

AERC Certification

Automated shading provides homeowners with streamlined ways to regulate the temperature in their home, through remote control, scheduling, and integration with other smart devices. Select fabrics for Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades, Applause Honeycomb Shades, Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades, and Designer Screen Shades come with an additional credibility proof-point for temperature regulation: Attachments Energy Ratings Council (AERC) certification.

AERC provides an un-biased, third-party certification of the energy-saving potential of a window attachment product and the Hunter Douglas lines of cellular shades and cellular roller shades were the first to earn an energy performance rating. AERC rated and certified window treatments offer benefits across climates helping maintain temperature so homeowners are not spending more than they need to on heating or air conditioning.

Reducing Waste with Re-Usable Power

Rounding out Hunter Douglas sustainable product offerings is the Rechargeable Battery Wand. The newest power solution for Hunter Douglas shades, the Rechargeable Battery Wand reduces waste and conserves the resources associated with manufacturing and distributing disposable batteries. The battery is easy to remove, recharge, and replace, and the charge lasts about one year, depending on shade use. For added convenience, homeowners can be alerted via email or app notification when shade battery is low and needs to be recharged.

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