ESPA Provides Workforce Update for Schools

Electronic Systems Technician Training, Certification Program Expands Into New Markets
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The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA) Electronic Systems Technician (EST) training and certification program continues expanding into new markets. In recent weeks, partner schools have been added in Bakersfield, CA; Warm Springs, GA; Orlando, FL; and Detroit, MI. 

The ESPA program was launched to provide a standardized certification for entry-level ESTs. These technicians can choose career paths in a variety of related industries, because the body of knowledge is common to all low-voltage systems. 

When a school launches a new program, they need Department of Education approval, and part of this process is providing credible evidence that there are jobs available that require the skillset they will be teaching. To help streamline this process, ESPA has prepared a brief, fact-filled report that describes growth of the electronic systems industry and the demand for qualified people. 

It collates data from a number of industry surveys, and summarizes the current situation in the workforce. This document, and others, are available to integrators who would like to reach out to schools in their area to encourage them get on board with training that supports custom integration industry. 

Download the report here.