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EZVIZ Partners with Amazon, Trend Micro to Offer Secure Cloud Service

EZVIZ is partnering with Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Trend Micro.

EZVIZ is partnering with Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Trend Micro. EZVIZ offers video and data protection capabilities for its connected home products, such as the flagship Mini introduced late 2015.

“The challenge for many companies that offer affordable connected home cameras is that a high level of security requires a significant investment at a large scale,” said Albert Lin, EZVIZ general manager. “EZVIZ offers a robust and scalable video cloud infrastructure while maintaining affordable price points for all of our lifestyle and connected home video products.”

The EZVIZ cloud service is hosted by AWS. The AWS servers that host the EZVIZ cloud operation and storage for North American registered users are physically located in the United States. On top of the security already provided by AWS for all programs and services on its servers, EZVIZ also employs Trend Micro, an antivirus and data security brand, to perform data security as a service (DSaaS) and proactively monitor threats to EZVIZ service hosted on AWS.

One element that sets EZVIZ’s security measures apart from many others is that EZVIZ does not allow customers to access the camera over the Internet by entering the camera’s IP address in web browsers, which prevents direct web access to EZVIZ products. Instead, customers must register an account with the EZVIZ cloud, download EZVIZ mobile application and authenticate the connection to access their images and videos. Data transmitted from EZVIZ devices to the mobile applications and cloud are secured using HTTPS and SSL technology and is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Many brands in the home security industry offer measures such as AES encryption and data transmission via HTTPS and SSL, and EZVIZ takes it a step further by adding a verification code. While enabled, the verification code is required to view both live and recorded video, and when setting up any additional devices. The customer is the only entity with the verification code, and there is no default code that can override the encryption. This extra layer of security, enabled by default, is how EZVIZ differentiates itself in helping to ensure the protection and privacy of its users. 

EZVIZ Mini is currently available on Amazon, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Newegg.