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First Loxone-certified Partner Showroom in the U.S.

Loxone partner Kostantinos Dimatis from InHomeSmart opens his showroom to expand business.

Loxone Experience Centers are expanding with the addition of InHomeSmart’s Showroom in Queens, NYC. Customers can now experience true home automation in the 500-square-foot showroom that includes features for lighting, home control, shading, and more.

By appointment, guests can schedule a tour to realize the benefits of a Loxone Real Smart Home for their own future smart home project. The space includes a fully automated kitchen, living room area, hallway, and bedroom. Highlights of the tour include interacting with the Touch Surface and iPad Wallmount, changing lighting moods, seeing fully automatic shading, and audio possibilities.

“They loved it so much,” Loxone Partner Kostantinos Dimatis from InHomeSmart comments on guests’ experience. “Everybody was amazed with the switches, the LED lights and colorful lighting moods, music, and video intercom. There was always a group crowding around the bedroom impressed with all its features. It was a success.”

As a sales tool to expand his business, Kostantinos plans on using the space to also build relationships with other professionals. “Every day I get to see new architects, general contractors, and designers. Like today, I spoke to one about my new showroom, and he will be here next week.”

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