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GoldenEar to Release Invisa StereoPoint SP 652 Single-Point Stereo Architectural Speaker

GoldenEar’s Invisa SP 652 in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers is set for release on July 15.

GoldenEar’s Invisa SP 652 in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers, set for release on July 15, incorporates the company’s high-velocity, folded ribbon tweeters and bass/midrange drivers in an all-in-one, single-speaker stereo format.

Like the Invisa 650, the Invisa SP 652 utilizes a one-piece driver/frame/flange construction in order to maximize performance and minimize footprint. The loudspeaker is constructed of a marble-infused polymer, with a high-definition, wide-dispersion, dual-wound voice coil 6.5” driver. Two HVFR tweeters are mounted in an acoustically optimized, high-frequency pod with a precisely calculated angle to maximize stereo coverage and radiation into the room.

Two complex crossovers incorporating the highest quality components blend the drivers for seamless sound quality, while a specially contoured, santoprene anti-resonance/diffraction-control ring is incorporated around the driver and covers the surrounds to optimize performance.
A high-frequency equalization switch precisely matches the SP 652 to any environment.

The SP 652 comes standard with a round, paintable, MagnetLock-fastened micro-perf grille that fully covers the mounting flange.