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How To Enter The Residential Systems Picks Awards For CES 2019

Learn how to get recognized at the biggest tech show of the year.

TWICE and Residential Systems will once again hold its popular Picks Awards program, honoring outstanding new products exhibited at CES 2019.

Each year, hundreds of new products are submitted by convention exhibitors, many of whom tell us they like the fact that the program allows vendors to tell our judges exactly which products they want to be considered, and why, from among thousands on display at CES. Your new product spotlight in our post-show Program Guide alone is worth the cost of nomination.

Awards for products will be given by TWICE and Residential Systems. You may submit a product for consideration by one or both of these publications, and you may submit multiple products.

Enter the Residential Systems Picks Awards.


What are the Picks Awards?
The program recognizes outstanding products exhibited at CES 2019 that are new since the prior CES. Winners are selected by the editors of the respective magazines based on descriptions provided by you via the nomination form.

Who can enter?
Any company that exhibits a new product during CES may nominate a product. Products need not be shipping but must be shown publicly. If a product was shown in the same form at last year’s convention, it is not eligible. Judges have discretion in determining whether a product is new.

Why should I enter?
Thousands of new products are introduced at CES each year. Help make yours stand out. Further, every product nominated, whether chosen for an award or not, will be featured in the special Picks Awards Program Guide, to be distributed in eBook digital form after the convention to more than 30,000 TWICE and Residential Systems readers.

When are entries due?
The deadline for nominations is Dec. 17, 2018.

(To view the 2018 Program Guide, click here.)

How much does it cost to enter?
Nominations are $595 per product nominated, per magazine. You may submit a given product to both magazines but separate entry fees are required.

What if I wish my product to be considered by both publications?
Just nominate the product for each by checking the appropriate box(es) on the product’s form; so, for example, if Jones Smith Manufacturing wishes to nominate a new product for consideration by both magazines, the nomination price is $1,190 ($595 x 2). The entry form will guide you.

May I enter more than one product?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of products you may nominate. Each requires a nomination form and entry fee(s).

How are the nominees evaluated?
The editors of the respective magazines (TWICE and Residential Systems) will review nominations and choose the winners.

Does a product have to be brand new, introduced at this show, to be considered?
It should be new since last CES. A product need not be introduced literally at this show; you might for instance have announced a product some months prior at another event. Judges are instructed to consider if it’s “new to CES.”

Judges also have discretion in determining whether a product is new, and, in general, we lean toward including, not rejecting. If you showed it last CES in preview form, it may raise questions for judges; include an explanation in your nomination; for instance, “We showed this in beta last year but did not nominate it, and now it is shipping.” Of course, if you nominated it last year, it’s hard to make the case it’s new.

Is my information confidential?
Yes. It will not be published prior to the convention or shared with anyone beyond the judges

I want to nominate my product but I don’t have a publication-ready photograph yet.
It’s best to provide an image with your nomination, but not mandatory; just remember to send us one in time for your product’s coverage in the post-convention Program Guide, which is included in your nomination fee.

How do I pay?
Click here to nominate a product and pay by credit card.

When will you announce winners?
Prior to the conclusion of CES 2019.

What do I get if I win?
Winners receive an award for display, recognition in the Official CES Daily, plus post-CES coverage in TWICE,, Residential Systems, and the eNewsletters of both brands. Winners, along with all nominees, will also be included in the Picks Awards Program Guide, delivered post-show to over 30,000 combined readers of both brands. Winners will also get use of the Picks logo for marketing, packaging, displays, etc. (TWICE and Residential Systems will provide press release material for all winning entrants).

What is the Super Pick Award?
The Super Pick Award, which debuted last year, is given to the company that received the most winning entries. LG was the recipient of the first Super Pick Award, for its impressive seven winning entries.

How can I maximize my chances?
Remember that the text and image you provide here will be seen by the judges. DO prepare carefully. DO provide a good product photo. DO use the full word count. DON’T provide just a few sentences and a web link, or just a list of specifications. DO explain your product to the judges and the public; what makes it unique? DON’T jam multiple products into one nomination; if you are nominating a family of products, DO make the association among products clear. Good luck!

Enter the Residential Systems Picks Awards.