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Infineon and Amber to Collaborate on Digital Control of Electricity in Silicon Architecture

Applications include a range of silicon opportunities around Amber’s DC extraction directly from AC Mains and AC Switching technologies.

Infineon Technologies and Amber Solutions have announced an alliance on a range of silicon opportunities anchored around Amber’s digital control of electricity with embedded intelligence.

Amber Solutions – Infereon

The collaboration includes two main tracks of effort starting this year. The first track will focus on upgrading the power management architecture in specific product categories, like smart circuit breakers, light switches, outlets, and others, to Amber and Infineon silicon-based solutions. Such categories will benefit from Amber’s intelligent, dynamic power management in a small silicon chip in combination with Infineon’s power switch and control technologies, which are ideally suited for these applications. The second parallel track will explore the integration of some of Amber’s proprietary architecture with certain Infineon product roadmaps to enable unique and beneficial solutions to the general market.

“Our alliance with Infineon is a very strategic inflection point for Amber in the transformation and upgrade of every electrical end-point in all residential and commercial buildings to a modern silicon architecture with embedded intelligence,” says Thar Casey, CEO, Amber Solutions. “Infineon’s significant market footprint, technology portfolio, and customer base as one of the largest silicon providers in power, sensor systems, connected secure systems, industrial power control, and more, makes this alliance quite compelling for accelerating the opportunity for solid-state electrification.”

“Our teams at Infineon see tremendous opportunity with Amber’s breakthroughs,” says Preet Sibia, vice president, Power and Sensor Systems Division, Infineon Technologies Americas Corp. “They are addressing a tremendous opportunity in the market, and we are excited about how Amber’s innovative architecture matches up with our multiple product offerings in power, control, compute, sensing and security. This combination will provide value to our end customers’ products in ways previously not possible. We believe the replacement of mechanical-based electrical components is now becoming feasible and we see the combination of Amber’s breakthroughs and our superior switch technology as an important foundation for its wide-spread adoption.”

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