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Installer’s Choice Features AV Racks with “Snap” Technology at CEDIA

Installers Choice has designed two new rack models that feature its “Snap” technology - the SnapRax and the RX3.

Installers Choice has designed two new rack models that feature its “Snap” technology – the SnapRax and the RX3.

Both consoles ship flat and can be assembled and implemented at job sites quickly-compared to builds where traditional welded racks are difficult to deploy. Both contain minimal hardware and take only minutes to install. The SnapRax and RX3 are designed to save valuable time and money.

Most SnapRax assemble in 5 minutes and are available as individual racks or sold as pre-configured kits. They take up a minimal amount of floor space as they are 20-inches wide and are available in rack heights of 8RU, 14RU, 21RU, 29RU, 37RU and 43RU. The available depths are 20-inch and 26-inch. SnapRax have a UL certified load capacity of 600lbs (43RU Model)

Features include: self squaring HD caster base (with casters and leveler brake) which provides exceptional structural support, tapped #10-32 mounting rails, individually labeled RU’s for quick and easy equipment mounting and cable egress in the top and base for easy cable access. Flat or Curved trim is available to enhance the overall design aesthetic of your rack.

The RX3 Rotating Rack assembles quickly and provides easy access to AV equipment mounted flush in-wall. Installers Choice Rotating Rack features SnapRax technology –which means that the rack kit ships in two cartons and assembles in less than 10 minutes, using only 10 screws. Two pair of #10-32 tapped HD channels with individual RU markings is included. The Installers Choice Rotating Rack has a load rating of 400 lbs. The rotating equipment bay locks in place at 0, 60 and 90 degrees in both directions, as well as locking out at full extension to accommodate simple equipment installation and service.

The RX3 design features two heavy duty slides for smooth pullout access. The RX3 is available in heights of 12RU to 30RU and usable depths of 19-inch and 23-inch. These racks include a stationary rear cable support system that provides proper cable management.

Both rack lines feature a full line of accessories and carry a 10 year warranty.