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Jamo Revamps Web Site

Indianapolis, IN — Jamo, a Denmark-based manufacturer of speakers and electronics, has completely revamped its web site. Applying a new look as well as implementing several new features and media tools, the site was re-design to make researching the brand’s Danish-designed audio products both easier and more exciting.

“Jamo is a well-known, highly respected speaker brand in over 80 countries and we are taking several steps-including this new site-to develop stronger relationships with our consumers and distributor partners all over the world,” said Jill Escol, senior marketing manager for Klipsch Group Inc., parent company for the Jamo brand.

Escol also believes that this new site accurately reflects and reinforces Jamo’s brand appeal. “We base all of our speakers and electronics on the Danish design tradition of style, simplicity and functionality-it’s not just about delivering great sound; it’s about how a product integrates into your living space,” she said. “For centuries, Danes have demonstrated a natural aptitude for architecture, construction and design-from bridges to furniture. At the same time, we have also established a global reputation as specialists in high-quality sound reproduction.”

Not only does the site exude a modern appeal, many of its functions have been streamlined, giving visitors quick and easy access to the information they need in order to make solid purchase decisions. New features include highly detailed product descriptions with downloadable photos and matching product tabs.

Once consumers make a product selection, they can take advantage of the site’s “Where to Buy Section,” which easily locates the nearest Jamo retailer in their area. Plus, it gives them the advantage of knowing they are buying from an authorized dealer who honors warranty terms.

“We wanted to make this site as friendly to the media as to our consumers,” Escol said. “Everything Jamo, including the company’s history, milestones and press releases, can all easily be accessed through the news center and ‘about’ pages.”