Joey Perfito Joins Paradigm and Anthem for Rep, Dealer Relations

Joey Perfito Brings 15+ Years Industry Experience to Paradigm and Anthem
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As of November 1, Joey Perfito began overseeing reps and dealers for Paradigm and Anthem the Central region.

A veteran of 15+ years with companies who cater to the luxury market, Perfito is well equipped for his new role. In 2000, Perfito began his career in the AV industry working for Absolute Sound, a retail/custom integrator in Orlando, FL. For four years he installed and helped design AV systems in both new construction and existing homes. Perfito's next step took him to Tributaries, a cable company, as the customer service manager. After a year, he became Tributaries’ national product specialist, where he spent 10 years visiting dealers throughout the country, training and educating them. Perfito credits much of his success to the four years of custom installation, which allowed him to better connect with his dealers. After his departure from Tributaries, Perfito joined SIM2 USA as the eastern regional manager, working with reps and dealers. In his private life, Perfito sustains an audiophile’s lifelong passion for music.