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× Launches NeuraJosh Brain-Computer Interface

Integrates the power of directly into the user’s brain. continues expanding the power of artificial intelligence in the home, and now in our minds, with the announcement of its NeuraJosh brain-computer interface. This groundbreaking neural implant, developed in collaboration with top neuroscientists, promises to integrate the power of directly into the user’s brain. Offering an immersive hands-free, touchless, and voiceless experience, the team has once again revolutionized natural interactions with technology in our everyday lives. NeuroJosh - April Fools

“Imagine adjusting your thermostat simply by thinking about it or turning off the lights with a blink of an eye,” says Alex Capecelatro, CEO of “NeuraJosh is not just a product; it’s a step forward for humanity to truly integrate with our smart home. Our goal is to make technology easy to use and to provide a magical experience for our clients. NeuraJosh is a natural next step and a new neural pathway to offer delightful user experiences.”

Features of NeuraJosh include:

  • Telepathic smart home control
  • JoshGPT intelligent assistance
  • Ability to speak in supported voices and accents
  • Intuitive mood-based room adjustments
  • Lifetime software updates — NeuraJosh expires when its user does
  • Proactive intelligence thinks and acts on the user’s behalf

NeuraJosh is available in a tiny, state-of-the-art chip that is implanted in a minimally invasive procedure. It is as simple as getting your ears pierced so just a little prick, but with a bit more neuroscience involved. Once activated, users can instantly telepath with their surroundings and access their connected devices. Neural signals are transmitted wirelessly to, which decodes the data stream into actions and intents.

Josha. ai - Neurajosh Surgical Robot - April Fools

Whether a user would like to listen to their favorite music or to subtly set the mood for a Netflix and chill movie night with that special someone, all they have to do is think about it. The possibilities are endless, but it’s taken exhaustive quality assurance testing to reach this point. Take it from an early beta tester, who found a delightful surprise in a small mishap: “I tried to dim the lights with NeuraJosh and accidentally booked a flight to Vegas. Best mistake of my life!” exclaims an Impromptu Vacationer.

In addition to home control, NeuraJosh comes with access to JoshGPT, an intelligent assistant with access to trillions of data points directly integrated in your brain. Ever wondered what it is like to be the smartest person in the room? JoshGPT makes this dream possible. “It’s like being on a permanent trivia game show, but you’re always the winner,” says Capecelatro.

And the accolades are already rolling in. “Ever since I got NeuraJosh, I’ve become the undefeated champion of my local bar’s trivia night,” raves an anonymous beta tester, now known among friends as ‘The Oracle.’ “My friends think I’ve secretly been a genius all along. Little do they know, it’s all NeuraJosh — plus, I can now recite the entire script of The Empire Strikes Back backwards and in Klingon!”

Starting April 1, is inviting applicants to join NeuraJosh clinical trials for an experience that is literally mind-blowing. Feel Josh inside of you today!

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