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× Reveals New Features and Products, Including the GPT-Powered Home 

New features include JoshGPT, Intelligent Areas, and new System Setup and Device Default functions, as well as a new Josh Remote.

At its Reveal virtual event held yesterday, introduced a number of new features for its natural voice control system, including JoshGPT, Intelligent Areas, and new System Setup and Device Default functions, as well as a new Josh Remote. Product Familyy

JoshGPT expands the power of artificial intelligence in the home with the launch of JoshGPT. All users are now able to enjoy industry-leading custom integration capabilities along with an unmatched generative assistant to help answer questions across any topic.

Leveraging Josh Micro and Nano as contextually aware far-field microphones, clients can naturally talk to JoshGPT like a friend that is standing by. From the Josh App, customers can tap on the voice button or text commands to access the power of JoshGPT from anywhere. Whether a user would like to control their connected devices, learn more about the things they already love, or discover new possibilities that they never imagined, the potential is limitless. clients can seamlessly combine natural home control and dynamic assistance in a single request, like, “Okay Josh, can you turn on the kitchen lights and tell me a quick recipe for chicken enchiladas?” JoshGPT

While other mass-market products provide anecdotal information in response to queries, JoshGPT stands apart by leveraging the full potential of generative AI. Clients are able to have conversational interactions with JoshGPT so that their questions are not only answered, but they also receive insightful clarifications and conversational feedback. Whether a user is looking for nearby restaurant recommendations, curious about the inspiration behind their favorite songs, or wants help planning the logistics of their upcoming vacation, JoshGPT generates tailored and engaging responses.

Josh Remote

With the availability of Josh Remote, dealers are able to install as the primary interface for clients to interact with in their homes. Between the Josh App, location-aware Josh Micro and Nano microphones, and hand-held Josh Remote, is positioned as more than a voice add-on. Josh Remote ships with a customized software experience, exclusively available to dealers. Out of the box, Josh Remote has been upgraded with a software package that simplifies installation and provides clients with a dedicated experience for every TV in their home.

Josh Remote’s sleek handheld touch screen adds a complementary interface to systems that is complete with a dedicated “Speak to Josh” microphone icon. Clients giving voice commands through Josh Remote will experience the same contextual awareness that they enjoy with their microphones. Josh Remote

Once a video zone is activated with a voice command, automated scene, or another remote, the Josh Remote interface tracks the state accordingly. An adaptive button profile updates based on the source so that the Josh Remote interface always accurately reflects the control capabilities of the current input. Clients can also personalize their remote interface with a unique background image, by adding or removing the voice button, and configuring quick access to up to eight custom scenes.

Intelligent Areas installers will enjoy a host of new software features in their arsenal for greater contextual awareness and programming flexibility for any project. The debut of Intelligent Areas groups commonly associated rooms and devices together through a new System Setup page that easily organizes a property’s floor plan. Device Defaults allows for Room Customization to offer the ultimate in personalized experiences with the ability to dictate presets when a room is turned on and off.

Intelligent Areas takes’s location awareness a step further, enabling access to groups of rooms and shared devices with natural language. From distributed audio and video, to lighting, shading, and climate control,-Intelligent Areas increases’s understanding of every client’s property. For example, now understands that while a thermostat might be installed in the Living Room, it also controls the temperature in the Kitchen and the rest of the rooms in a larger Great Room area. When a Josh Micro or Nano that is within the Great Room receives a command like, “Hey Josh, I’m cold,” it will know to activate the thermostat applicable to the proper area.

System Setup

To facilitate its Intelligent Areas rollout, is launching its System Setup page to provide installers an efficient tool for configuring rooms and devices within their respective areas. The interface has been designed with programmer feedback, enabling complicated properties and floor plans to be mapped efficiently for the most natural user experience possible. For partners that are used to Lutron’s nesting structure, will capture data similarly and decrease the need to redo any system programming.

Device Defaults for Room Customization

Thanks to Room Customization, installers are now able to define appropriate audio and video start-up volumes as well as default levels for lights, shades, and many more devices. For example, clients can request to turn on the lights and will know the exact color temperature, saturation, and brightness desired for every light load in that room.

When a client has requested to turn off a room, has traditionally powered off all active devices. However, some projects require a more tailored experience. Device Defaults provides programmers with the means to preset exactly what should happen when a user gives a room-level on or off command. No matter what language structure a client uses, will initiate the room’s customized preset.

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