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× Launches AppleTV Deep-Linking and iOS App Notifications users are now able to control their AppleTV viewing experience with conversational voice and text commands. is expanding upon its capabilities for Apple users with two new features. Adding to its IP control of AppleTV, deep-linking integration allows users to simply ask for their favorite shows, movies, and videos across supported streaming services. For iOS users, custom Josh App notifications offer real-time alerts if devices are activated, custom scenes are run, or any other conditional automation is triggered.

Josh + Apple TV

Apple TV Deep-Linking

Following many years of success with its deep Roku integration across streaming providers, has enhanced its natural voice control capabilities to offer feature parity with AppleTV. In doing so, has made one of the most popular home entertainment platforms on the market even more accessible for professional installers and clients. users are now able to control their AppleTV viewing experience with conversational voice and text commands, like: “Okay Josh, dim the lights, close the blackouts, and watch Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney+.” turns on the room’s TV, switches inputs to AppleTV through any AV receivers or matrix switchers, and launches Guardians of the Galaxy on Disney+.

The integration extends support across all’s recommended streaming services, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Max, and YouTube, with Netflix coming soon. As part of’s AI-powered setup process, each AppleTV is automatically detected on the network along with all supported streaming services. As part of the AV Setup workflow, AppleTVs are configurable as input sources to be routed across applicable video zones.


iOS Notifications

The Josh App’s latest feature is now available for every client to personalize their own AI-powered notifications, offering a simple yet powerful tool for security and energy monitoring. Professional installers and homeowners can set up proactive alerts if devices change state or are left on for too long so that they can immediately take action.

Josh iOS Notifications

For example, can now alert a user of a potential security vulnerability if their garage door is left open or if motion is detected by a door station in the middle of the night. From a resource management standpoint, notifications can be triggered when thermostats are left running for too long or if any device is turned on when it shouldn’t be. Clients can choose to receive notifications via the Josh App as well as through voice announcements.

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