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× Releases First White Paper has documented deployment and programming best practices for voice control of Lutron systems. continues expanding upon the power and capabilities of artificial intelligence in the home with its first white paper. Voice control is increasingly being adopted due to its universal accessibility, efficiency, and as a health-conscious means of touchless control in the wake of the global pandemic. The influx of demand is making it more important than ever that professionals have the proper guidance.

The white paper covers everything needed for successful installations of and Lutron systems. After authenticating with Lutron, will learn the home’s configuration by pulling in floors, rooms, and device types. Since is communicating directly to each device in a project, proper Lutron programming is critical to ensure a user-friendly experience. From detailed integration insight to advanced programming notation leveraging’s contextual natural language processing, the documentation will be a template going forward that ensures projects are efficiently and effectively deployed.

To download the white paper, click here.

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For dealers installing other systems to control environmental devices, such as lights, shades, and thermostats, the principles of the white paper are applicable as well. The beauty of’s plug-and-play approach to its integrations is its ambiguity with respect to supported devices. As opposed to a skill-based approach that relies on trigger phrases without knowing what is being controlled,’s paramount concern is the context and capabilities of the devices it is communicating with. Whether devices originate from a control system or another manufacturer, consolidates them under a unified interface. From there, it is a matter of programming and personalizing the voice experience with each device so that all users have an intuitive experience when communicating with their home. and Lutron are hosting a webinar that anyone can join to learn more this Friday, November 6, at 1:00 PM ET. Register here.