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K-array Reveals Plans for CEDIA Expo 2023

Will show its Domino KFC26, Thunder KSC18P, and Vyper KV52 II speakers.

K-array has announced its plans for CEDIA Expo 2023, including its Domino KFC26, Thunder KSC18P, and Vyper KV52 II speakers.

K-array Thunder KSC18P
Thunder KSC18P
  • Domino-KFC26 Wide Range Compact Speaker is the most suitable full-range K-array speaker for home cinema applications and for those uses where wider audio coverage is required. Designed for discreet installations, this speaker blends into any interior decor and delivers powerful and clear audio, offering an immersive experience for music enthusiasts and movie lovers alike.
  • Thunder-KSC18P 18-inch Passive Subwoofer is specifically designed for cinema and dedicated home theater applications to deliver deep and impactful bass reproduction. KSC18P seamlessly integrates with other K-array speakers, ensuring a cohesive and well-balanced audio experience.
  • Vyper-KV52F II is an ultra-flat passive loudspeaker that combines a minimalist aesthetic with uncompromising performance. This discreet speaker delivers wide sound dispersion in both horizontal and vertical directions, ensuring an immersive and consistent audio experience for everyone in the room. Designed for home theater setups, the KV52 II complements any residential environment, making it an excellent choice for interior designers and audiophiles alike.
  • Tornado-KT2 point source speaker is an ideal solution for residential installations as rear speakers in a media room or home theater setup. Its compact design allows for seamless integration into any living room or media space without compromising performance. With its multi-channel capability, the Tornado-KT2 delivers captivating sound quality, elevating the overall cinematic experience. Its versatility as a ceiling or flush mount speaker makes it a complete and perfect problem solver for those seeking to upgrade their entertainment setup to a multi-channel system.

Experience K-array’s solutions Sept. 7–9 in CEDIA Expo booth #C1308.

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