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KA Marketing to Rep New Video Product Line

Lewisville, TX — KA Marketing, is proud to announce it is now representing Wolf Cinema in the Southwest; in states, including, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Andrew Ard, the principal of KA Marketing, is the recent 2008 CEDIA Representative of the Year award winner, who is also known for his award-winning sales performance in promoting leading video in that market for the past 17 years.

“KA Marketing is very excited to unveil the next generation in home theater technology”, Ard said. “We’ve been privileged in helping to bring the highest quality home theater products into our market through our top-notch dealers for many years. However, the one-two punch combination we are now bringing into this market through our dealers represents a head-turning new day in the home theater solutions market.”

Ard added that through the dedication of Wolf Cinema to bring “true high fidelity film” to the video market, combined with the launch of the new JKP Affinity screens by Da-Lite Screen Company, KA Marketing will be offering its best dealers a “true next-generation performance combination at a time when very few saw this coming.”

Wolf Cinema, based in Berkeley, California, is being brought to the market by the people of Sumiko. Through the addition and expertise of Jim Burns as principal of Wolf Cinema a year ago, they have developed the new Variscope system allowing the user to reproduce the very same no-bars, fixed height and completely variable (from 1.78 to 2.67) aspect ratio of films produced by the motion picture industry for more than 50 years. The product line also offers a reference analog film/digital projector combination, and a new built-in series of projectors, complete with ported cabinets for active ventilation of the projectors.

JKP Affinity is the new line of screens being made available to an equally limited dealer base and separate franchise through the Da-Lite Screen Company. In association with Joe Kane Productions, the screen material being produced has drawn amazement from the post-production and custom communities alike. According to Joe Kane, “I never realized how even the best screen technology we’ve worked with for years actually obscures detail.”

Both product lines are shipping now and KA Marketing is actively bringing these new solutions through its dealers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.