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Legrand Acquires Vantage Controls

In addition to expansion within the consumer electronics and commercial sectors, Vantage/Legrand will offer integrated lighting, audio/video, window treatments, heating, cooling, security, and other functions in one central system.

West Hartford, CT–Legrand has acquired Vantage Controls, located in Orem, Utah. Vantage Controls will be the sixth Legrand business group in North America and has been renamed Vantage/Legrand. The acquisition of Vantage Controls is an important move to position Legrand as a leading provider of control and automation solutions, Legrand said.

“Lighting control and automation are seeing significant double-digit growth, and this acquisition ensures we have the increased capacity, expanded product lines, and sales channels to meet the growing demand,” said John Selldorff, president and CEO of Legrand North America. “This acquisition is a strategic move on Legrand’s part to further our leadership in residential control and automation. This acquisition strengthens our ability to innovate and grow as well as enhancing our innovative product lines and expanding our market leadership.”

“Legrand North America will enable Vantage/Legrand to accelerate market reach and growth,” said Ron Wilson, president of Vantage/Legrand. “There are expansion opportunities through Legrand North America’s established and emerging channels, partners, and markets. We’ll leverage best practices and international expansion is anticipated, especially in collaboration with Legrand’s Bticino business headquartered in Italy.”

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