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Legrand Adds Indoor, Outdoor IP Security Cameras

Legrand has introduced two new HD security 
cameras designed to provide a watchful eye both inside and outside any home.

Legrandhas introduced two new HD security cameras designed to provide a watchful eye both inside and outside any home. Both the On-Q Indoor IR HD Desk/Wall Mount IP Camera and the On-Q Outdoor IR HD Bullet IP Camera feature infrared capabilities for day or night vision and deliver smoothvideo in 720p HD at 30 frames per second. Additionally, the video feed can be monitored from any Internet-connected computer or any Android or iOS device without a separate app.

On-Q Indoor IR HD Desk/Wall Mount IP Camera

“These two new cameras make it easy for installers to turn to Legrand when looking for video monitoring,” said Fritz Werder, VP and general manager, NuVo/On-Q. “The features built in to these cameras offer some of the most advanced viewing capabilities on the market. The desire for homeowners to monitor their homes while they are gone, or to be able to see who is outside before opening the door, is growing at a stunning rate. These cameras are the integrators answer to providing the assurance their customers are looking for.”

As its name indicates, the On-Q Indoor IR HD Desk/Wall Mount IP Camera (CM7100) features infrared capabilities for 24/7 monitoring confidence, regardless of existing light levels. 10 IR LEDs illuminate an area up to 15 feet from the camera’s wide angle lens, which offers a 100° view of the area. The camera’s built-in analytics are designed to sense motion and initiate recording to the camera’s MicroSD card slot, as well as send e-mail alerts when triggered. To reduce false notifications, up to 16 areas, or regions, within the camera’s view can be blocked from motion detection. And the CM7100 supports SIP/VOIP for two-way audio using the built-in microphone and speaker.

For installation flexibility, the CM7100 is designed to accommodate permanent or temporary placement in both new and existing homes, offering both desk placement and wall-mount options. For permanent installations, the camera can be mounted with the included wall plate that fits over any standard electrical box or low voltage ring, and connected via Ethernet for power (POE) and data transmission.

For installations where Ethernet is not an option, such as retrofits or temporary placements, the CM7100 comes with a power supply for connection to a 110V outlet and includes built-in WiFi. A desktop stand is also included for camera placement.

The On-Q Outdoor Bullet camera (CM7000), shares many of same features found on the Indoor CM7100, including a 3.6 mm wide-angle lens that offers a 100° field of view, 720p HD video recording, a microSD card slot, motion detection with up to 16 user-definable regions, email alerts and monitoring through any computer, Android or iOS device. But where the Indoor camera offers an IR range of 15 feet, the Outdoor Bullet camera employs 42 IR LEDs for coverage range of 33 ft., or more than twice that of the indoor camera. The camera also supports two-way audio with connections for a user-supplied external microphone and amplified speaker.

And to protect the camera from Mother Nature, the CM7000 is sheltered in an IP66 compliant weatherproof metal case, which easily mounts on outdoor walls. The CM7000 supports Power Over Ethernet as well, to simplify the wiring process.