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Middle Atlantic’s UPS System

Fairfield, NJ — Developed with the AV integrator in mind, the new UPS from Middle Atlantic Products features Pure Sine Wave technology, integration with AV control systems and a sliding rear rackrail mount that provides the AV industry’s first single-person UPS mounting capability.

The UPS system is designed to ensure the highest levels of uninterrupted AV equipment performance. In the event of a power outage or extreme over/under voltage occurrence, the system’s AVR capability provides continuous 120V output and Pure Sine Wave technology minimizes harmonic distortion and line noise. Four-millisecond transfer time ensures that connected equipment stays online, with no lock-ups.

The UL-Listed UPS is available in 15- and 20-amp configurations and features compact dimensions to integrate into smaller racks and enclosures. RS-232 enables integration into control systems, while analog I/O provides system status notification and automatic system shutdown as required.

Expansion Battery Pack options extend runtime, and eight surge-protected outlets protect connected equipment from damaging surges and spikes. Four of these protected outlets are purposed for critical loads. In the event of an extended power outage the system can shed power to non-critical loads, extending runtime for critical connected equipment.

Under normal circumstances, Middle Atlantic’s Energy Saver Circuitry reduces power consumption 75 percent, compared with traditional UPS designs, providing greater efficiency and minimizing the system’s carbon footprint.

Middle Atlantic supports the UPS line with a three-year warranty program.

For technical specifications and in-depth information about UPS, please click to or call 800.266.7225.