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NetStreams, Qsonix Find Compatibility

Customers can now use Qsonix's user interface to stream audio over the DigiLinX home network.

Austin, TX–Qsonix, user interface developer, and NetStream have announced that the NetStreams DigiLinX Audio, Video and Control system now offers integration with the Qsonix Q110 Series Digital Music Management Systems. Customers can now use the Qsonix user interface to stream audio over the DigiLinX network to different rooms in the home. NetStreams will demonstrate the power and ease of the Qsonix Q110 music system integrated with their DigiLinX system in their booth #930 at CEDIA EXPO in Denver, CO.

Joining with NetStreams creates a powerful two punch combination for homeowners and custom integrators alike, said Mike Weaver, president and co-founder of Qsonix. What we appreciate most about the NetStreams technology is its ability to decentralize the components and make wiring more efficient, increasing the overall sound quality. For Qsonix, it is all about control, sound and delivering the best user experience possible. It is a win-win scenario for everyone.

We are thrilled to add Qsonix to our growing list of DigiLinX integration partners, said Sanjay Castelino, NetStreams VP of marketing and business development. Qsonix is known for their user experience and enabling customers to get the best of both DigiLinX and their system is possible because of the DigiLinX open integration model

The DigiLinX integration model is based on a completely open architecture. While DigiLinX offers an user experience of its own, and is the first IP-based distribution system to distribute uncompressed, high definition video/multi-channel audio, the system allows other systems to both control and be controlled by DigiLinX. Many of todays systems provide a rigid integration model, allowing for only one approach to integration. DigiLinX adapts to the users needs, allowing integrators to build truly custom solutions that meet the needs of their customer.

The Q110 series systems will manage up to 4,200 CDs in high-quality lossless mode and up to 18,000 CDs in compressed mode. With its 15-inch or 17 inch LCD touchscreen controller, users simply utilize their fingers to manage their music collection with the industrys best-in-class touch screen display panel, as they drag and drop individual tracks or complete albums to create, manage and play their music playlists, eliminating the use of frustrating menus or complicated steps found on other systems. The Qsonix touchscreen controllers can be placed anywhere on the network by using NetStreams IP Video technology to extend the reach of the Qsonix server.

The NetStreams MediaLinX AV (MLAV300) is connected to the Qsonix server, passing control signals to the server, encoding video for the touchscreen controller, and encoding audio for distribution onto the network. The NetStreams ViewLinX (VL100) is connected to the Qsonix touchscreen controller and renders video for the controller as well as passes control signals back to the server.

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