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New HD Product Testing Company Formed

In-Visions Technology will administer DPL HD performance testing and certification program.

Ormond Beach, FL–In-Visions Technology International, Inc. has launched an independent company, DPL Laboratories, to administer the recently launched Digital Performance Level (DPL) HD Performance Testing & Certification Program. DPL Labs will handle all administration of this program, including testing, ranking, and certifying the performance of advanced digital products — initially HDMI cables and ultimately sources and displays.

In-Visions Technology is a leading engineering and consulting firm based in Ormond Beach, Florida. The DPL program was developed by president Jeff Boccaccio and the In-Visions engineering team as a way to provide the market with honest, objective and meaningful performance information to assist consumers in making a proper purchasing decision. The DPL program tests and certifies HDMI cable products with performance rankings ranging from DPL1 to DPL5. On the DPL scale, a ranking of DPL5 represents the highest possible level of performance.

While other testing schemes exist, a few companies only test one performance parameter. DPL Labs, however, has developed a demanding, multi-faceted, hardware reference-level performance standard. All products will be tested against this standard so that DPL results and rankings can be trusted to give the whole picture on product performance.

Consumers will now have an objective reference that provides simple but accurate guidance on performance — both within a brand and between brands. Consumers will no longer have to rely only on packaging design or unsupported marketing claims.
DPL Labs will operate as a fully independent testing facility utilizing the latest Tektronix reference-grade laboratory equipment capable of measuring to the highest possible resolution and most precise specification. Only a few laboratories in the world possess a comparable grade of equipment and engineering expertise and are able to test with the same degree of accuracy as that of DPL Labs.

Program Participants
Manufacturers who participate in the DPL program are those companies who care enough about true performance — and their customers — to have their products independently tested and ranked, with results made available to the buying public.
Participating companies will benefit from the recognition of a positive ranking from an independent first-rate testing lab, which will give them an edge in the market over companies who either have a lower ranking — or who do not seek DPL certification. DPL will list participating companies on their website along with specific product model rankings.

Currently, there are five participating manufacturers in the DPL program: Honeywell, Next Generation, Ethereal, Direct Connect, and VizionWare.

DPL Labs all new testing facility will be opening in approximately 60 days and will be located at 873 Hull Road, Suite10, Ormond Beach, FL 32174.