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NuVo’s PLC Tester for Renovia Installs

With NuVo’s PLC-based whole home audio system, Renovia, scheduled to enter the market this fall, the company’s engineering team thought that offering a PLC tester to its dealers made perfect sense. Afterall, without a PLC tester to provide feedback on the robustness and stability of a home’s electrical infrastructure in all relevant rooms, the company believed that an electronic systems contractor would risk installing an entire audio system that might not work properly, or up to the dealer’s or homeowner’s standards.

Designed for Renovia dealers, the NuVo Site Analysis Tool (NV-RVSAT) enables an ESC to test a home’s electrical lines for unusual noise or poor signal strength occurrences.

The Site Analysis Tool comes in a blow-molded case and consists of two units: the NV-RVSAT-H (Hub) and NV-RVSAT-Z (Zone). In the Renovia system architecture, the Main Source Hub serves as the central repository of audio sources, which it transmits on request over electrical lines to Local Zone Amplifiers in each room where audio is desired). Each testing unit features a clear and easily readable OLED display, along with an “OK” button, a “Menu” button and scroll up and down buttons.

The ESC simply plugs the SATH unit into a receptacle intended for use as the hub location. When turned on, the unit emulates data and music signals and broadcasts them over the home’s electrical wiring. The ESC then goes to each proposed Local Zone Amplifier location and plugs in the SATZ, which receives and evaluates the signal from the SATH.

Using these testers, the ESC can determine at a glance if any unusual environmental issues or disturbances exist at each location. Upon the SAT’s quick assessment, a grade will display, indicating the quality of the transmission. In the vast majority of homes, a reading of “Excellent” or “Good” will be delivered, confirming the necessary conditions for an easy install. In the rare case of a lower grade, indicating issues on the line, some further evaluation of the potential install may be required. NuVo will provide documentation on the possible causes of these issues, and how to best navigate around them. NuVo also will offer a simple and inexpensive plug filter that can rectify interference from any adjacent excessive noise source, such as an appliance or other electrical device.

During the coming months, NuVo will provide dealers with additional tools and resources to help them succeed in bringing Renovia whole home audio systems to homes in the U.S.