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Panamax Furman Introduces Vertical Power Strip for AV Racks

Panamax/Furman has introduced a new vertical power strip for AV equipment racks.

Panamax/Furman has introduced a new vertical power strip for AV equipment racks.

The Vertex VT-EXT provides integrators with eight outlets (three with transformer spacing), addresses ground loop issues with specialized mounting brackets, and simplifies cord management to reduce installation time. The vertical power strip is designed to be used in conjunction with a Panamax/Furman power management unit for providing clean, safe power, further extending Panamax and Furman’s advanced protection and filtration technologies to connected equipment.

The Vertex VT-EXT features mounting clips with plastic spacers which allow the strip to be mounted vertically to an equipment rack while helping to prevent ground loop issues. The unit’s vertical orientation allows integrators to use various length component power cords to save space, eliminate cord clutter, and drastically reduce installation time.

In addition, the unit features a detachable 10-foot power cord that can easily be swapped out for a shorter cord if desired.

“The Vertex VT-EXT is the perfect accessory for cleaning up equipment racks,” said John Benz, director of power and accessories, Core Brands. “When mounted on the back, components and their power cords can line up evenly with their corresponding outlets. This makes it simple to identify which equipment is plugged into which outlet during servicing, and allows integrators to use shorter component power cords during installation. Without excess cord getting in the way — in addition to eliminating the need to troubleshoot ground loop issues — the power strip saves significant installation time and costs.”

The Vertex VET-EXT can be used as a stand-alone power strip, or as an extension of an existing Panamax/Furman power management component. By simply plugging the power strip into the Panamax/Furman unit, the company’s protection and filtration technologies will be extended to connected equipment to improve component performance and ensure equipment longevity.

The Vertex VT-EXT is now shipping with an MRSP of $64.95.