PanTech Design Releases New Online Portal for Crestron Dealers

Streamlines Crestron Project Management
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The PanTech Design team unveiled a new dealer portal this month that streamlines the process of managing Crestron projects, cutting down on the time it takes to purchase new license keys and providing a business view of all projects.

The ADAPT software is a set of tools designed to simplify programming for Crestron home automation systems. It includes a suite of SIMPL Windows modules, user interface templates, and a System Manager application that lets Crestron integrators customize each system on the fly, reducing programming and support time.

The new ADAPT portal features a straightforward user interface that allows Crestron integrators to purchase, manage, and review license keys whenever and wherever they like. The portal also supplies access to the p | d adapt user forum and newsfeed so that integrators can stay up to date on best practices in programming Crestron systems.

“We’re excited to add the new dealer portal to our ADAPT offerings,” said Troy Morgan, CEO of PanTech Design. “This furthers our goal of making things faster, better, and easier for Crestron integrators. We continue to strive for the best possible experience for our customers, and this is just one more feather in the cap of ADAPT.”

For current ADAPT dealers, the transition to the new portal will occur automatically by the end of June. All previous account information, including purchased license keys, will be available for viewing and managing in the new interface.