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PrepTECH Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Address Workforce Shortage

The company has a goal of $150,000 in 24 months which could mean 10,000 applicants.

On the heels of a successful pilot in Dallas, Texas, PrepTECH has launched a new attack on the workforce shortage problem. Focused on adding more than 1000 new technicians each year, the skills developer is getting the word out to as many high potential candidates as possible by rallying its friends, associates, brands, supplying companies, and industry associations.

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Through a crowdfunding campaign, individuals and companies can fund the outreach to more applicants. PrepTECH founders Helen Heneveld and Paul Starkey believe 10,000 applicants will yield more than 1000 new hires each year. The bandwidth this provides can grow the industry (factory sales) by $60M a year compounded. In five years, that is $300M in factory sales and $1B in dealer revenue run rate improvement.

Starkey states that every $15 contribution to getting applicants helps solve the problem. The company has a goal of $150,000 in 24 months which could mean 10,000 applicants. Contributors can go to to make one of four levels of contributions. The company plans to sustain the applicant funding through its own reinvestment. All of this is a plan to “Grow The Pie.”

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“We don’t have to stand by and acknowledge the problem without doing something about it — new workers are and can be attracted to what home tech and custom integration offers,” says Starkey. He points to great work hours, weekdays, full work week, competitive pay, advancement, continuous learning, and industry growth as major drivers that attract tech-capable talent who may have overlooked the industry before.

“There are plenty of candidates not working in CI who see this as a step-up career move — we just need to reach and educate them,” he adds.

All the funding goes to specific ads to applicants who are vetted through testing and enter a 36-hour online credentialing program.

Employers looking to secure local talent should reach out to [email protected] to see how they can fund exclusive outreach in their area.