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ReQuest Adopts Gracenote’s Technology

Emeryville, CA — ReQuest Inc.’s home entertainment systems will now deploy digital media management solutions from Gracenote, through an agreement between the two companies.

ReQuest’s high-end media servers will now begin implementing Gracenote’s MusicID and VideoID technology for content recognition, categorization, and organization of digital media.

Gracenote’s MusicID provides accurate and reliable music recognition based on Gracenote’s Global Media Database, the largest in the world with more than 100 million tracks and eight million CDs from more than 200 countries and regions. The database provides rich information including the album, artist, and track names, as well as proprietary Gracenote extended data such as genre, artist type, era and region of origin, and enhanced content including cover art, reviews, and bios.

The Gracenote video database offers metadata and video works from throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. Gracenote’s VideoID enables identification, search and organization of DVD and Blu-ray disc collections, and provides metadata, cover art, synopsis, cast/credits, and detailed product information for identified discs.

With the most comprehensive catalog of music and video information available, and technology that is broadly used throughout the digital media industry, Gracenote products are the standard in media identification. ReQuest turned to Gracenote after evaluating all other leading solutions on the market.

“After an extensive review of all the media identification solutions out there, Gracenote emerged as the clear leader,” said Peter Cholnoky, ReQuest CEO. “The Gracenote system, API interface, and data feed are robust, easy to integrate, and provide our servers with excellent extended metadata and cover art.”

“We are pleased to have been chosen to team up with one of the outstanding leaders in home A/V products,” said Stephen White, vice president of product and content management. “Now, another leader in high-end digital media servers is working with Gracenote, the standard in digital media identification.”