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RoseWater Energy Adds cet& associates to Rep Roster

Will represent the company in Colorado, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso, TX.

RoseWater Energy Group has announced that cet& associates has become its manufacturer’s representative for Colorado, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso, TX.

cet& associates work with a variety of integrators that serve the residential, commerical, and industrial contruction sectors offering AV, control, luxury lighting fixtures, and a plethora of products to support their four key technology categories – energy, lighting, industrial and CI.

cet&associates - Adam Owens
Adam Owens

“RoseWater has impressed us for years and we were eager to engage with them,” says Adam Owens, president of cet& associates. “The prospect of providing high-quality power with our high-quality energy management product line is an exciting and unique offering. RoseWater and their products will help elevate our services into a new segment of the marketplace.”

“Like many other parts of the country, Adam and his team are dealing with the ramifications of poor-power quality,” says David Laikind, VP sales at RoseWater Energy. “Their customers will be delighted to eliminate the inconveniences of having power anomalies and thrilled to eliminate power-related callbacks, while also having the ability to remotely manage the power as needed.“

cet& associates was founded in 2003 then rebranded to its current name in 2010. Its ‘you before us’ mantra means that the cet& associates 20-person team will go above and beyond to find the best product or solution for their integrators truly providing a one-stop-shop for project completion. Even if it means recommending a product they don’t carry.

RoseWater Energy’s team works directly with each rep and integrator to specify each installation — including solar considerations, extra battery storage, and higher input voltages options. Each is installation is custom configured, every step of the way, ensuring every integrator is the power expert while managing the client’s expectations.

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