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Sam Cavitt Introduces ‘The Cinema Connoisseur’

New online publication will focus entirely on luxury private cinema aimed at high-end clientele.

The Cinema Connoisseur - Cavitt

As regular readers of Sam Cavitt’s Residential Systems columns are aware, he has a dream of creating a community of cinema connoisseurs. He believes this community will serve the luxury category of home theater well, as well as the industry in general.

In January 2022, he is taking the first step with the inaugural edition of The Cinema Connoisseur. The Cinema Connoisseur is an online publication that will be published bi-monthly and focus entirely on luxury private cinema. The publication’s purpose is to further the awareness and advance the experience of the private cinema by sharing personal stories, informative articles, news, and inspirations.

Each issue will include:

  • Cinema Stories — First-hand narratives of a client’s journey to becoming a cinema connoisseur
  • Cinema Intelligence — Informative articles from experts in the field
  • Cinema Sommelier — A unique spin on movie reviews, expressly formatted to enhance the enjoyment of private cinema connoisseurs
  • Cinema Currents — News that is relevant to the private cinema connoisseur
  • Cinema Inspiration — Point of view from private cinema thought leaders

For more information and to subscribe, visit