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The Cinema Connoisseur Issue 5 is Now Available

Includes a Cinema Sommelier review of ‘Dune’ and interview with Dr. Floyd Toole.

The Cinema Connoisseur Issue 5 Cover

Issue 5 of The Cinema Connoisseur spotlights our burgeoning community. We see a glimpse of what the future of a strong and diverse private cinema community will be. Inclusive of professionals, artists, manufacturers, mentors, and, most importantly, private cinema owners and their families. A community that will grow and, in turn, elevate private cinema and all who take part in it. The best kind of community is one that shares!

Our Cinema Sommelier review of the 2022 Academy Award winner, Dune, exemplifies this collaborative spirit. A professional, a manufacturer, and an artist share the stage as sommelier, curator, and vintner, respectfully, in a review of a film that won six Oscars and ten nominations. Find out how a cadre of creatives teamed up to bring artistry to life from behind the scenes and move the rest of us, the audience, into the screen.

Communities are built on traditions, some of which emerge as a result of the community itself. Our Cinema Story is a tale of a family whose private cinema journey came at a time that forged new traditions from old and connected family, friends, and professionals to build relationships that will continue to grow by sharing the art of film, extraordinary beauty, and performance.

Communities do not always agree. But it is in that competitive tension to excel that healthy communities grow. Faced with new challenges, the best work out their unique pathway to perfection, keeping their eyes on the goal and their peers. This latest episode of Cinema Intelligence, Pursuit of Perfection relates how the remarkable images of DVLED drive private cinema loudspeaker designers to innovate. The winners in this community competition? The cinema connoisseur!

An essential element of every successful community is the presence of leaders. Leaders who exhibit leadership through effective action or innovation driven by their passion for improving the state of their community rarely seek recognition. It is our privilege in this issue’s Cinema Inspiration to celebrate the career and share the accomplishments of one of our most revered and influential leaders. Cinema connoisseurs who thrill to remarkable accuracy of sound reproduction in their private cinemas will know we can thank Dr. Floyd Toole for the experience! I am very grateful my friend said yes to my request to share his story!

As we move into the second year of The Cinema Connoisseur, we look back at our inaugural year and are astounded by the body of work we were privileged to have published. Some 249 pages of stories, inspirations, celebrations, intelligence, and news grace the first four issues. Join us in this celebration. We hope you will find these memories inspiring and invigorating as we look forward to advancing and experiencing something special together. Our community of cinema connoisseurs!

A Hui Ho,

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