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Savant Releases New Version of da Vinci Software

Osterville, MA — Savant Systems has announced the availability of da Vinci 3.8.0 for immediate download. Benefits include enhanced performance and functionality of Savant’s ROSIE control platform, as well as increased efficiency for system integrators during system set-up.

The da Vinci 3.8.0 release affords users complete control of Savant’s On-Screen Display (OSD) via the company’s vertically themed native iPhone and iPod touch application. Savant’s OSD control is a visually stunning portion of several complimentary upgrades in functionality to the iPhone and iPod touch application. These advances mean that the homeowner can rely on their Apple portable devices for complete multi-zone operation of all systems and subservices associated with their ROSIE control platform. The updated version of the ROSIE iPhone and iPod touch application is available now on the Apple App Store.

There are powerful enhancements to Savant’s already legendary OSD technology within the da Vinci 3.8.0 release, providing users with multi-zone control capability of all systems and subservices. The OSD user interface can now be used for whole-house operation of multi-zone audio, multi-zone video, security cameras and more-OSD delivers the equivalent control functionality of a ROSIE touch panel, all in the palm of your hand. Additionally, new animation styles enable users to select the sequence of high definition icons as they rotate into view, and the system will automatically revert to the icon representing the most recently used service when powered on.

The RacePoint Blueprint configuration tool, already considered revolutionary for streamlining the automation system design and programming processes, has been enhanced as part of the da Vinci 3.8.0 release. Improvements will further reduce the time required for integrators to initially program or upgrade a ROSIE system, and programmers can now customize screens via a screen-sharing mode, allowing for global changes to be made across multiple displays. Interfacing with lighting control systems is now more intuitive, benefitting from Blueprint’s capacity to auto-populate lighting tables from both Lutron and Vantage systems. da Vinci 3.8.0 upgrades to the RacePoint Blueprint configuration tool will increase overall efficiency and reduce the costs associated with complete system integration.

Answering the call for a traditional form factor remote device, Savant has added the ROSIE RTR-2000, which provides comprehensive control of local services as an alternative to using the ROSIE OSD user interface. Integrators can utilize the RacePoint Blueprint tool to configure, customize and map the remote in order to accommodate the preferences of each individual user within any specified room or zone.

The da Vinci 3.8.0 release includes the addition of four new hardware components to be detailed in a separate release:

1) ROSIE Wireless Control System
2) ROSIE OSD Control System
3) ROSIE Keypad Bundles
4) ROSIE In-wall Touch Panel Server and Extender