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Savant Teams with Sunnova on Smart Power Solutions

Sunnova selects Savant as its preferred provider of load management technology and smart energy software for the Sunnova Adaptive Home.

Savant Systems has announced an agreement with Sunnova Energy International, Inc., a leading U.S. Energy as a Service (EaaS) provider, to add Savant’s intelligent load management and control solution to Sunnova’s Energy as a Service offerings for customers across the U.S., beginning Q1 of 2023.

Savant Power Home Layout

A Savant/Sunnova smart power solution seamlessly monitors and controls energy from the grid as well as home solar systems and generator power, creating an optimized ecosystem for any home. Through this agreement with Savant, Sunnova’s growing portfolio of energy service solutions allows customers to integrate the use of solar, battery storage, energy control, and management technologies, making clean energy more accessible, reliable, and affordable.

“Savant is excited to team with Sunnova, bringing intelligent electrification infrastructure to all residential applications,” explains Savant CEO Robert Madonna. “Our innovative load management system advances the renewable energy experience, extending the life of any local power source. With Sunnova’s growing installation footprint and Savant’s network of dealers, our objective is to make best-in-class energy management solutions readily available, reducing both carbon emissions and overall energy costs.”

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“Our relationship with Savant is about increasing Sunnova’s ability to monitor and manage the power service for our customers, both on and off the grid,” says Michael Grasso, chief marketing and growth officer at Sunnova. “Sunnova provides a better energy service at a better price and, by integrating data from Savant’s smart energy solutions, we will be able to offer more control to our customers. With the addition of Savant, Sunnova is further powering energy independence by giving customers the ability to seamlessly monitor and control energy usage in their Sunnova Adaptive Home.”

A Savant Power System is engineered to scale, delivering the benefits of smart power for any application. Systems can be designed to provide revenue-grade monitoring and control, making every conventional electrical panel smart at an affordable price for any home. At the heart of this scalability is Savant’s smart energy software and innovative power modules, with 20-, 30-, and 60-AMP models designed to fit industry-leading, standard electrical panels. Savant offers both Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, ensuring that homeowners retain control even when the grid goes down and Wi-Fi becomes unavailable.

Savant Power System Modules

A Savant Power System will extend the life of connected batteries, inverters, and generators by dynamically shedding loads for maximum efficiency. Energy Modes can be activated at the touch of a button thanks to Savant’s Scenes Engine and each mode can be personalized based on lifestyle. Users will have access to Eco Mode, Storm Watch Mode, and Off-Grid Mode, enabling homeowners to be ready for any scenario while prioritizing the use of stored energy and local generation to reduce grid dependence.

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