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SnapAV Acquires Volutone as Part of Local Strategy

Distributor for Southern California and Las Vegas to carry SnapAV products.

SnapAV has acquired Volutone, which is a regional distributor that has been in business for more than a century and currently operates seven locations throughout Southern California and Las Vegas.

According to SnapAV’s, its acquisition of Allnet earlier this year has seen tremendous response, reinforcing the notion that having a local presence is important to both dealers and the industry. The Volutone acquisition allows dealers to purchase SnapAV products at each of their locations, in addition to the Volutone distributed brands they currently carry.

“If you truly want your dealers to be successful, you have to give them access to the best brands and help them be more productive in their own businesses,” says John Heyman, SnapAV CEO. “Dealers are busier than ever, need more training, and have customers who want everything ASAP. We also recognize that they like to have choice in the brands they select. We aspire to continue to build great products for the industry, but we understand that many brands offer amazing value for our customers and it is important that we provide choice.”

Volutone will retain its name, locations, team, and policies moving forward. Trevor Hansen will remain in his current role as the president of Volutone and become a shareholder in SnapAV.

SnapAV products will be available through both the Volutone website and distribution locations in the coming weeks. For now, dealers will continue to order where they so choose, through either SnapAV or Volutone, and all services and support will remain the same.

Both SnapAV and Volutone dealers will receive communication in the coming weeks regarding further details.

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