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Stampede Completes Management Buyout

The executives of Stampede Presentation Products have bought the company from its previous majority shareholder.

Buffalo, NY–The executives of Stampede Presentation Products have bought the company from its previous majority shareholder, the British based VPH Group. The deal, which had been in the works for the past few months, became official last week.

The change in ownership will consolidate decision making at the operational level, allowing the executives to initiate new programs with manufacturers and customers. Over the past business quarter, Stampedes managers began implementing their new growth plan.

We have a vision for expanding Stampede and making it more prominent within the industry, said Mark Wilkins, president and CEO of Stampede. Taking over ownership of the company gives us the autonomy to respond to the North American marketplace in flexible ways. We have begun to put some of our plans into action, and in the coming months our customers are going to see an invigorated Stampede more offering creative solutions to their needs.

The change of ownership has already proven to be great for business. We began implementing new policies and programs a few months ago when the transition started, and as a result our North American sales have increased more than 25 percent over the past four months, said Kevin Kelly, vice president of sales and marketing for Stampede. We are anxious to beef up our sales force and develop new programs with our manufacturers in the coming months.

Stampede is a distributor of presentation and home theater products including LCD projectors and thin plasma monitors. Stampede provides a complete range of brand name equipment including NEC, InFocus, Mitsubishi and Hitachi to a
variety of audio-video and computer resellers in the United States and Canada.

After having lead Maverick, another VPH Group presentation technology distributor, to number-one status in the United Kingdom, Mark Wilkins came to the United States in 1997 to establish Stampede on behalf of VPH. Stampede has grown to become a leading distributor of presentation
technology in North America with offices in Buffalo, N.Y. and Toronto, Ontario and five warehouses throughout the United States and Canada.