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SureCall Partners with OnTech

OnTech’s trained professionals are able to install SureCall’s booster technology in consumer’s homes.

SureCall has announced its national residential installation partnership with OnTech Smart Services, a subsidiary of DISH Network. Through the partnership, OnTech’s teams of licensed and trained professionals are able to install SureCall’s booster technology in consumer’s homes.

Offered as a bundle, homeowners purchase the Fusion Install through one of SureCall’s select authorized resellers. A card inside the package directs the customers to a website where they can schedule an installation — which can be completed as soon as the next day in most locations — with one of OnTech’s licensed professionals.

“Working from home has opened a lot of people’s eyes to the importance of a reliable and strong cellular signal. Interest in signal boosters is higher than ever, but most people don’t have the time or don’t feel handy enough to install one themselves,” says Frankie Smith, vice president of sales for SureCall. “Our partnership with OnTech eliminates those barriers and gives consumers an easy and affordable option to improve bad cellular coverage inside their homes.”

Ideal for people who are hindered by slow cellular data speeds or frequently dropped calls, SureCall’s Fusion Install amplifies any cellular device’s signal to increase speeds and maintain reliable connectivity inside any home from two rooms to whole-house coverage. Featuring SureCall’s proprietary 2XP technology, the Fusion Install doubles the uplink power to the cellular tower and maintains a solid cellular signal everywhere from urban canyons to wide-open rural spaces.

Compatible with all North American cell phone carriers, the booster also includes patented SureIQ technology that auto-adjusts the amplification. Additionally, all SureCall signal boosters are 5G compatible, so they’ll continue to work for years to come.

The Fusion Install bundle is available nationwide through select authorized resellers for $999. Professional installation is available for residential homes in the USA only. For offices and commercial installations, contact SureCall directly.

For more information on SureCall’s booster installation program, including availability, visit