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× Partners with Furrion Outdoor Solutions

Furrion’s ruggedly designed outdoor televisions are the newest addition to the ecosystem. continues expanding the power of artificial intelligence in the home, and now outdoors, with the launch of its Furrion partnership. Integration with Furrion’s outdoor technology solutions seamlessly blends modern control with durability. Clients are now empowered to entertain anywhere on their property thanks to the convenience of connected indoor and outdoor living. + Furrion

Engineered to endure diverse weather conditions, Furrion’s range of outdoor televisions boasts features such as an IP54 weatherproof rating, XtremeShield IK08-rated impact-resistant screens for maximum resilience, and RangeXtend external antennas for boosted signal strength. Furrion displays are optimized for various outdoor lighting conditions, from full-sun to full-shade, ensuring a premium viewing experience.

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After connecting to the network, auto-populates supported Furrion televisions and provides authorization instructions. Making the setup process easy for installers to configure HDMI inputs and rapidly deploy a distributed video system. Users will be able to control their Furrion television’s power, inputs, settings, volume, and access limitless content on supported streaming and cable video platforms.

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The integration provides feature parity across’s intuitive app, remote interfaces, and natural voice commands. For example, requests like,  “Okay, Josh, open Netflix by the barbecue pit” and “Okay, Josh, turn on the garden lights, listen to Toby Keith on the patio, and watch ESPN in the pool house” have the ability to transform outdoor living experiences.

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